Social Media Marketing: Social Media marketing is all about finding targeted contacts that are looking for what you have to offer. With Social Media it’s about making true relationships. Try to always send a note to all of your new contacts. Do not send links to your business opportunities. It makes you look like a spammer. It is OK to send your personal blog link that gives them more information about you and value.

You make relationships with like minded people by connecting with groups or searching for keywords and send a connection notice to them. Always try to add value to all contacts that you make. By offering value makes you more attractive. The more attractive you are to your prospects, the more they are receptive to joining your opportunities. By offering them value, knowledge and tools that will help them become successful.

It’s all about adding value and making true relationships.

Use as many Social Media sites as you wish. I suggest you join as many as you can. The more contact points you have, the more contacts you will make. Some of the new social sites come with an optional revenue stream. These are very good sites to make relationships with like minded people. Most everyone on these sites are already looking for a business or they would not be there.

Here are some tools that will help you in building your business with Social Media.

Facebook Fan Page Creator

LinkedIn Lifestyle

Twitter Adder