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My 4Life review is one from a third party that did not join the opportunity. I regularly review MLM companies and give my twist on each one. I am here to give you my opinion and share with you how you can market each opportunity. Please enjoy my review and please comment and share!

4life research review4 Life Research is a company

that develops and sells products that are designed to enhance one’s immune system, leading to longer and superior quality lives for individuals. 4 Life Research claims that its one of a kind and patented line of Transferceutical goods can enhance one’s immune system by as much as 437%. The research suggests that the 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula strengthens the body’s immune system through the increasing of the number of protective IgA antibodies in the bloodstream. 4 Life Research maintains a company Health Sciences Advisory Board which is made up of dozens of health and nutrition experts, doctors, and research scientists from all around the world in order to resume its R & D efforts. They also maintain the Foundation 4Life charitable organization which they founded in 2006.

4 Life Research traces its origins back

to 1949 when Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, who was a distinguished immunologist at New York University, concluded that a contributor could transmit an immune response to a recipient by way of a white blood cell extract. He determined that this was so because the extract contained a reason that had the capability of transferring the giver’s immunity information to the recipient. He called this substance the “transfer factor”.  Ever since that time, plenty of scientific examination has been done to see if Dr. Lawrence’s speculation was correct about transfer factors. Since 1950 approximately $40 million has been exhausted researching Transfer Factors, with many hundreds of scientific papers being published that do document their effectiveness.

4 Life Research founder

Then in the early 1990s, David Lisonbee began his study. By 1997 the future 4 Life Research founder and CEO had unearthed hundreds of studies concerning transfer factors, including a quantity of of the 1949 research from Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence. In 1998 he and his wife Bianca licensed the first patent and and brought 4Life Transfer Factor Classic to market while opening up the first 4Life office in Orem, Utah.  David earned his bachelor’s and MBA degrees from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and has been given the I.N. Blokhina Award from the Russian Federation 4life researchbecause of his commitment to Transfer Factor research, patenting, and innovative manufacture methods. 4 Life Research now has numerous patented products and many offices open around the globe including in Columbia and India.  In addition to its cutting edge study into the Transfer Factor and its patented Transferceuticals, 4 Life Research offers individuals with an entrepreneurial business opportunity. 4life They call this the “building people through success” opportunity.

Essentially, it is a home-based affiliate marketing opportunity, and this is the way that the business currently markets and sells its products. David and Bianca have gotten 4 Life Research positioned in 15th on “Inc.” magazine’s fastest-growing privately-held company list, and 4 Life offers some of the most generous partner commissions in the MLM  marketing industry.

The first thing that you’ve got to have on your mind if you want to succeed in your business is that you have to decide that absolutely no matter what happens you will never ever quit.  If you were going to medical school for the next 10 years of your life would you invest $300,000 into your education and then quit?  I know that seems like a bit of a stretch as a comparison, but it’s the same concept.  You’ve got to decide to stick with this industry no matter what.  Once you’ve decided, it’s no longer a matter of IF you’re going to succeed, it’s a matter of when.

There are more than 60 years of statistics in the Network Marketing profession that prove that if you stick with one company for 10 years or more, actively participating in company events and continuously promoting your business that you have more than a 95% likelyhood of earning a significant six figure annual income.  However, most people quit before they ever start.  So decide.

Second, you’ve got to focus.  If you’ve decided on building a particular company, you’ve got to put the blinders on and no matter what anyone else in the world says, you’ve got to focus on your company and stay consistent.  People in network marketing are serial entrepreneurs, and often jump from company to company before they ever gain any real tracktion.  If you want to build significant passive wealth, it at least makes sense to pursue ONE company only until you’ve gained the results and residual income that you’re looking for.

Third, you’ve got to get educated.  If you want to build your business on the internet, you had sure better learn how to do it in a cost effective, proficient manner.  If you’re going to do PPC advertising, become a MASTER at PPC.  If you’re going to do article marketing, become a MASTER at creating compelling content.  Get educated.

Fourth, you’ve got to have passion.  Look, there are a lot of great companies out there to work but does your company give you PASSION?  If not, find one that does, and for heaven’s sake, STICK WITH IT.  Want to learn the step by step, proven formula for DOMINATING the internet?  Fill in your name, email and phone (optional) and I’ll show you, step by step how to TAKEOVER your MLM company online.


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  1. I just watch you video on netdivvy, I max out my CC trying to get trafic to my site an have people stay long enough to sign up, nothing work it a 10 second deal, they dont even watch the video’s on the site. I came accross Netdivvy before, and did not sign up when it got to $29 fee, I tried and tried and I’m about go give up. Wh? I live on a small island where everyone thinks everything is a scam from 4Life to 5Links but because these products are so good I stick itout so long. I know the post it wont work here. So if i can sign up free for netdivvy I will and see how that work.

  2. jimmcgilvary says:

    Dororthy, yes sign up for free and look at my sales funnel video training at http://www.jimmcgilvary.com/training-create-your-seven-figure-netdivvy-sales-funnel
    it will help you get the most out of NetDivvy

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