3 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog – Social Media Marketing

3 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog – Social Media Marketing

When you first look at Twitter it may look confusing. It is quite simple and still looks confusing. It is the simple 140 characters that may confuse people. How can 140 characters get across the complete information?

You must learn the skill of being very direct and to the point. You know the speed of Twitter is fast and furious and you can’t start one tweet and continue on two or three others to get the point across. Your message will be lost in the jungle. You must use a get to the point headline with a link that has the full picture.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to drive traffic back to your blog

1) Follow back: Follow back everyone that follows you. Send them a direct message thanking them for the follow and they can learn more about you on your blog. Send them a link to your blog. If you know what blog post has the best or most value, you can send that to them in this message. If others like that content, then it is a good bet that your new follower will as well. Switch up your messages so to test which ones work the best. Testing is part of marketing.

2) Reply to Re-tweets: Every time someone re-tweet’s your tweets, it is an excellent time to introduce yourself and thank them for the re-tweet. Send them some of your best training or value. Try to return the re-tweet back to this follower. You can add them to a list and when they send out a tweet that has some value, re-tweet it. Let them know that you re-tweeted in a direct message. You can build a rapport with them and get them off Tweeter and on Facebook or better yet on your mailing list.

3) Re-tweet: Find people that are interesting to you and follow them. Re-tweet their tweets, send them direct messages letting them know how much you liked or used their tweets and value. When you engage with others and build them up, you can more people to come and check out your blog and site. Remember people are more interested in what they are doing and not so much what you have going on. The old saying “you can get more bees with honey than vinegar”. This is so true with social media.

Work with your 140 character limit and switch up your headlines and test them all out. One last note is that you should use bit.ly to shorten your URL, not just for saving space in your tweet but for some analytics. You can see how many times and when others are clicking your links. It is also a free and easy to use service.


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